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My Station
Elecraft K3 Transceiver (S.N. 4603)
Elecraft KPA-500 Amplifier
Elecraft KAT-500 Auto Tuner
LP-Pan panadaptor (I/Q box from TelePost)
PowerSDR software (for panadaptor 19" LCD display)
Logging - Ham Radio Delux  (on 2nd 19' LCD display)
(two) Alpha Delta-4B antenna switches
Ham-M rotor
Yaesu DX-800 DXA rotor
Microphone - Radio Shack 33-984
J-38 manual key (collecting dust until I brush-up on code)

Amplifier - Ameritron ALS-600 ( 600 watt solid state)
- in mint condition, pictured on my QRZ
 - make an offer, my e-mail
 - reason for selling - replaced with Elecraft "K-Line")

My Antennas   ( see my yard lay-out )
6m Yagi, 5 elements @ 58ft - Hi-Par 6M5 (1958 vintage)
10/15/20m Tri-Band, 3 element, @ 35ft - Hy-Gain TH-3JRS
12/17m center fed homebrew copper pipe vertical dipole
<---See it here.
40m dipole @ 40ft, directivity NW (330deg) / SE (150degg)
80m dipole @ 50ft, directivity NE (45deg) / SW (225deg)
160m dipole @ 32ft, one arm shortened w/loading coil
500ft loop (all bands) 160 to 6 meters

My Towers
Chimney mounted mast, using 2 telescoping EMT conduits, black rope guys, with TH-3JRS Tri-band @ 35ft

Aluminum Ladder Tower 
52 ft crank-up / tilt-over using aluminum laddes
<---See it here

Rig:  Elecraft "K-Line"
My current QSL card shows me at age 17 (1958) opereating 6 meters as a Technician, running 50 watts AM on a modified military BC-1158 transmitter.  For receiving, I built a vacuum tube 6 meter to 40 meter converter, which tuned-in on my National NC-125 receiver.  Much has changed since then, but antennas still remain a constant. In fact, I'm still using my old 6 meter Yagi which is over 50 years old. 

Need my QSL Card 
Cards - 100% on receipt of your card.
LoTW - Yes (uploaded monthly)

Try these D.I.Y templates:
 download my QSL card (.ppt format) for use as a template to create your own card.   4 cards per sheet fits nicely on Office Depot #244-360 Semi-Gloss Pro Photo Paper, scissors cut, about 8 cents/card. For best results, edit with Microsoft Power Point.

 my ARRL logo calling cards (.doc format).  Use as template, prints on Office Depot #388-302 business card stock.  For best results edit with Microsoft Word.
My web editor.
My most unusual QSL card --->.
Ham Radio could have a Patron Saint